The Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel Sounds Off on Patient Engagement in Healthcare

patient engagement in healthcarePresident Obama’s Cancer Moonshot has released its first draft report, and patient engagement in healthcare is at the top of the agenda.

Several working groups highlighted a number of needs.  In the report, they focus on patients and the mandate for fundamentally restructuring research.  This included both the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions.

It’s clear that this initiative is not just about the science of finding cures.  Equally important is the focus on the patient journey and experience.

The Blue Ribbon Panel was made up of government officials, industry experts, and academics.  They made a strong case for a Network for Direct Patient Engagement.  You can read the full report here.

The panel cited key issues regarding difficulty in getting and analyzing large-scale data sets including genomic profiling of tumors and related tumor growth factors. This has made it difficult to understand the common nuances and those which are differentiated across oncology diagnoses.

The panel notes that this is technically possible. But the fragmented nature of the current practice does not make it practical to integrate this data.  Providing this common framework through standards and infrastructure would improve aggregate capability to scientifically understand oncology better. Especially if done in a manner which puts the patient first.


Pharmica’s Take – Patient Engagement in Healthcare

While these comments and recommendations are not new, the visibility generated by the panelists is at a level which has transcended prior calls for great collaboration throughout the scientific community.

In our opinion, the ability of the Cancer Moonshot initiative to continue to engage stakeholders and make grant funding available will be key to realizing their aggressive vision.