The Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel Sounds Off on Patient Engagement in Healthcare

President Obama’s Cancer Moonshot has released its first draft report, and patient engagement in healthcare is at the top of the agenda. Several working groups highlighted a number of needs.  In the report, they focus on patients and the mandate for fundamentally restructuring research.  This included both the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions. It’s clear[…]

Top 3 Reasons Pharma is not embracing mHealth and Digital Medicine

Forget Jay-Z & Beyoncé, Brad & Angelina, and Kermit & Miss Piggy– Digital Medicine and Pharma seem like the perfect couple.   On one hand, you have Pharma. Companies hurting from patent expirations, hungry for innovation and new revenue but flush with resources and capability to develop therapies, test their effectiveness and put them in the hands of doctors.  On the[…]