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• CRO Management Models and Operating Structure

• Sponsor-CRO Collaboration Portals

• CRO Performance Management Metrics for Streamlined Oversight

• Reports For Effective Study and CRO Management

• Supplier Independent Central Platform for Enterprise Management

With the growing dependence on CRO suppliers, its not surprising that getting things done in BioPharma are only getting more complex. Early on, sponsors dedicate far too many resources to CRO management and oversight our of an abundance of caution, making an already expensive investment even more costly and constraining important resources which could be used elsewhere. On the other hand, its difficult to have the discipline to trust CRO partners with frequent staffing changes concerns of slipping timelines for new product development.

Equally troubling is the difficulty in sharing key documents and operational data that are a part of each and every study. Integration of information to effectively manage has become the preeminent concern in clinical operations.

Considering most sponsor companies have a varying degree to which they outsource their processes and use multiple CROs, CRO collaboration becomes even more complex and costly. Pharmica can help reduce the complexity while strengthening the sponsor-CRO relationship. When you want flexible, yet truly integrated clinical operations, Pharmica can help you Get Better.

“Pharmica has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Compared to all other consulting firms that I have worked with, I feel that Pharmica provides a very different type of service. You do not take a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to projects. Rather, you really take the time to understand the customer’s needs before you propose project plans and solutions. At the same time, you strive to bring consistent methodologies to the table and the knowledge of how others in the industry have tackled similar problems.” — Manager, Resource Management