Technology Solutions & Implementation


• Requirements Gathering for Clinical and Commercial Systems

• Pharmaceutical Systems Vendor Selection Facilitation

• RFI & RFP Writing for Pharmaceutical Systems Vendor Selection

• System Design / Business Process Reconciliation

• Wireframing and Prototype Design Sprints

Whether you are implementing a focused solution for 10 users or an enterprise solution that touches the whole organization, Pharmica has been there. We bring our expertise to provide you with context, but we never assume your organization doesn’t bring unique needs.

Our clients choose us because we know technology implementations are multi-faceted. Pharmica consultants integrate an understanding of change management, technology platform independence, and integration with your company’s processes in finding the right overall solution for your business.

Our deep expertise in clinical systems (CTMS, EDC, eTMF, etc.) is complimented by an understanding of medical affairs, commercial, and enterprise systems where we can support vendor selections and implementation. When your organization needs to Get Better tools and technology, Pharmica can help.

When I think of Pharmica, I think of people who know how to make new technology work in R&D.  Pharmica is not just about SharePoint or a Clinical Trial System — Pharmica is a platform for making technology make sense to get work done better.” - Director, R&D Business Operations