Resource & Portfolio Management

r&d operations

•  Resource Forecasting and Gap Analysis

•  Named Resource Planning

•  Portfolio Simulation and Scenario Planning

• Project/Portfolio Management Capability Assessment

•  Drug Development Team Strategic Assessment

•  R&D/Clinical Resource Management Tools

Getting organized with resource management or portfolio management often ends up turning a molehill into a mountain. You’re expected to keep your company running lean and mean.  You need thin and effective solutions. Pharmica’s experienced consultants bring tailored solutions to keep you organized — not a bureaucracy that becomes work unto itself.

Pharmica forged their expertise through Biopharma industry experience.  As a result, we get right to the heart of the matter, not taking up your valuable time to understand life sciences basics.

Get Better Solutions

Big company solutions for resource and portfolio management are a dime a dozen. These solutions can quickly overrun your organization with red tape. Pharmica is consistently cited by its clients for enabling their teams’ success — not loading them down with needless administration.


“Pharmica stands apart from other drug development consulting firms. You delivered what you promised on time. More importantly, you changed the behaviors and views on how resources should be managed. This was the greatest value you delivered. Anyone can build a tool, but getting people to buy into and use the tool is another thing, and you far exceeded my expectations in this area.”
-Director, Informatics