• PV Metrics and Data Visualization

• Integration of Data from Argus and Other Systems

• PV Forms to Make Data More Actionable & Meaningful

• Streamlining of Aggregate Report and Risk Management Plans

• PV Process Improvement

• Vendor and Partner Management

Avoiding compliance issues and ensuring patient safety are the core of why drug safety and pharmacovigilance organizations exist.  However, with evolving regulations, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and rapid internal growth, compliance and safety have become more reactionary than proactive.

At Pharmica, we take a practical, proven approach to getting companies back on track with compliance, and, more importantly, showing clients how to avoid compliance issues in the first place. Our experienced pharmacovigilance consultants can streamline your operations, point out problem areas, implement and validate technical solutions, build actionable metrics that pinpoint problems before they occur, and of course set up your pharmacovigilance organization to succeed in the future.

Don’t wait for the FDA or other health authorities to identify compliance issues or safety issues for you. Contact Pharmica today to hear how our pharmacovigilance consultants can help you Get Better drug safety.

"Our Pharmica consultants continue to provide that extra support that is a tremendous help to the team.  They are doing an excellent job and it is much appreciated."

-Vice President, Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance