Patient Engagement

patient engagement


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Vendor Selection & Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Process Development
  • Application Design
  • Benchmarking & Measurement

Patient Engagement in Healthcare

Patient-centricity in pharma is not new. Yet, many companies want to deepen its practice. They want to strengthen organizational knowledge. Processes need to be defined. They want to improve collaboration between functions. They want to work in a patient-centric way in all stages of development. It’s a tall order and the challenges are familiar.

Patient Engagement Technology Enablers

Patients are expressing their desire to be heard. Enabling technologies support information sharing and data management. There is an unprecedented opportunity to improve engagement through all phases of development. These realities can empower patients, improve study design, speed up enrollment, and increase retention. But many companies still struggle with the required technological, operational, and organizational changes. For this reason, they fail to deliver the promised value of patient-centricity. Regulators ask for patient input because it’s important. Clinical leaders agree. But they want to be better positioned to fully deliver.

Patient Engagement Advisors

Pharmica’s expertise helps biopharma companies deliver successful programs. This allows sponsor companies to Get Better results. Pharmica’s patient engagement advisors understand that people are critical to success. We will help you develop and put in place a strategy that empowers people. We will help you identify opportunities for improvement. We will help you select tools and partners, coordinate internal capabilities, and measure results. We help clients develop a patient engagement framework that puts patients first.

"Our Pharmica consultant is great – so easy to get along with.  I really like him.  He has come in and moved our patient engagement initiative forward by leaps and bounds!” - Sr. Director, Global Clinical Operations