Organizational Change


• Change impact assessments

• Organizational change planning

• Change plan execution and control

• Change communication planning & development

• Change capability competency development

For over 10 years, Pharmica has built its reputation on streamlining processes or helping clients prioritize process improvement projects. Pharmica is consistently cited by clients not only for our in-depth knowledge of process improvement methodologies and our focus on sustaining value after the process is streamlined. However, we’re most valued because we tailor our approach to partner with your organization. We are as comfortable delivering complete program management for end-to-end value delivery as we are being brought in for a 3 day facilitation.

Whether you have a large-scale improvement initiative or a specific process to improve in a hurry via Kaizen, we specialize in marrying your newly optimized processes to the right technology later down the road. At Pharmica we understand that the people are the most crucial part to a successful process optimization project. When your organization needs help to Get Better, Pharmica can help.

“Pharmica has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Compared to all other consulting firms that I have worked with, I feel that Pharmica provides a very different type of service. You do not take a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to projects. Rather, you really take the time to understand the customer’s needs before you propose project plans and solutions. At the same time, you strive to bring consistent methodologies to the table and the knowledge of how others in the industry have tackled similar problems.” — Manager, Resource Management