clinical operations

• Staff augmentation for clinical, compliance, and project management

• Staffing assessments for clinical, regulatory

• Vendor management assessment and remediation

• Supplier RFP facilitation, development, and execution

• Vendor contract auditing

Big changes are always inevitable, but the tolerance for hitting the pause button for mission critical operations is seldom in the cards for executives, investors, or regulators. Do you have enough resources? Do you have the right resources? Is your organization getting what it bought from suppliers — or what it needs?

Understanding your organization’s needs and how your current operating plan stack up is the first part of the equation. In the turbulent environment of multi-sourcing, Pharmica can bring organization and simplicity to any history of iterative human resource challenges. We take state of the industry best practices from our 10 years of experience and tailor them to your organizations unique profile.

Strategy is nothing without pragmatism. Pharmica has a reputation for translating goals in simple stepwise fashion to practically implement change and make your organization hum.

Sometimes, you need help an extra set of hands. Pharmica provides highly qualified staff augmentation resources — with the same reputation as our full time consultants — to help you over the temporary hump in staffing.

“We now have a scalable organization, and you revolutionized the way we manage R&D. Your hands-on approach, ability to work with people, and recommending the appropriate solution were right on. You never tried to sell me a Cadillac when all I needed was a Chevy, and as a result, I fully trusted Pharmica. Your approach of working with people and always asking for feedback developed not only my trust, but the trust of the organization.”
-Executive Vice President, Research and Development