Data Visualization & Analytics


• Determination of KPIs for Clinical Research, Marketing, and SharePoint

• Business Analytics for Clinical Research, Marketing, and SharePoint

• Data Architecture & Integration for Pharmaceutical Systems

• Data Visualization for Clinical and Clinical Operations Metrics

• Reports & Dashboards for Pharmaceuticals

Our data integration and reporting services focus on decision-making and value. Pharmica completely understands the business side of the industry yet has the technical expertise to implement the best solution, regardless of complexity.

In addition, because Pharmica is a software independent company, we focus on the right solution for you, while implementing it properly, with the greatest return on your investment. Whether you are in need of a streamlined metrics dashboard or simply a more focused set of clinical trial metrics, with our deep expertise in this area we can quickly prototype reports and help end users determine what information they need.

We understand that most companies have plenty of clinical operations and marketing data, but are just not using the data properly. Pharmica can integrate your disparate data sources to give you a unified reporting platform so you can keep track of your business.

“You are all so professional yet so easy to talk to. Everyone felt very comfortable working with you and giving you feedback. You were also great at listening to what we had to say.” — Senior Manager, Clinical Operations