Content Strategy


• Content Assessment for Research, Clinical Development, and Medical Affairs

• Information Architecture and Taxonomy Development

• User Experience Taxonomy, User Interface and Navigation Design

• Site Wireframing Mockup & Prototyping

• Site Development, Deployment, and Migration

Stuff. There’s no shortage of it, and yet, finding the right stuff is increasingly difficult. In the past ten years, the BioPharma industry has been marked by the increased need to collaborate both within and across organizations, as well as an uptick in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

These two dynamics have created an environment where the number of documents — and versions of documents — seems to expand exponentially, with no sign of relenting. Primed by the immediacy and ease of consumer media, your organization expects that their content should be as accessible as it is when they Google something.

While legacy systems provided organizations with limited choice in effective management of their content, modern cloud based offerings such as Office365 with SharePoint Online are finally offering powerful tools to keep all your stuff straight. And they pair seamlessly with their on premise services counterparts for a unified experience.

But with these modern capabilities, its easy to get lost and perpetuate your current content management nightmare. Pharmica understands the state of current technology, but more importantly, we understand how you work and can tailor a content taxonomy that is in lock step with how your organization thinks.

“The amount and quality of work that has been completed in the last nine months has been extraordinary. At my previous company, it took us three years to complete this much work. The quality of processes, templates, tools, and particularly the personnel is unprecedented.” -Senior Project Manager