Patient Engagement Ideathon Winner: Changing the Message of Clinical Trials

The Center for Information & Study On Clinical Research Participation concluded its first Ideathon. The $10,000 prize went to C2: The Clinical Study Change Agent Collective.

The team included members of FCB Health with input from a few notable Pharma companies as reported in this press release.

patient engagement in clinical trials
Ideas for Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials

The team brought a simple idea to bear — emphasize the social responsibility of joining clinical trials in order to drive increased awareness.  Other ideas presented included:

  • Improving the accessibility of clinical trials by making them easier to join at the point of care
  • Expanding the existing trial run by the Michael J. Fox Foundation by adding wearables to provide data
  • Proposing the presentation of clinical trials in a Star Ranking based format right at the doctor’s office

The C2 team looks to use social media including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to increase the reach of their message.


Pharmica Take

Misinformation may be the largest problem in clinical trial recruitment.  Even for patients who are  aware of clinical trials, questions are raised which show greater misconceptions such as “Will my insurance cover a clinical trial?” , “I don’t want to get the placebo instead of proven medical therapies”, or “Clinical trials are an option of last resort.”  Sloan Kettering has done a misconceptions about clinical trial participation here.

Apple’s ResearchKit did a great job of recruiting patients at an unprecedented clip.  This was especially true of the Stanford Heart study and the Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s study.

Arguably Apple’s biggest impact was showing the importance of patients and researchers in its signature slick marketing style.  It drew attention to clinical trials and the social mission they serve.  Perhaps, the same level of reframing the opportunity and impact of clinical trial participation could have a sustained impact for the industry.


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