The Cancer Moonshot Blue Ribbon Panel Sounds Off on Patient Engagement in Healthcare

President Obama’s Cancer Moonshot has released its first draft report, and patient engagement in healthcare is at the top of the agenda. Several working groups highlighted a number of needs.  In the report, they focus on patients and the mandate for fundamentally restructuring research.  This included both the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions. It’s clear[…]

Webinar: Practical Approaches to the EU Pharmacovigilance System Master File (PSMF)

With the largest change in regulations in the European Union becoming fully effective in July 2015, it is not an understatement to say the Pharmacovigilance environment is changing at an unprecedented pace. These new regulations work to strengthen transparency and communication and enhance drug safety. However, transitioning to comply with these regulations can be challenging.[…]

A Clinical Project Manager Takes a Walk in the Woods…with the Clinical Development Team

All drug development programs are not created equal, and rarely are they the same within a single therapeutic area. A project manager on a drug development team needs to optimize the team network available. He also needs to use gained experience since a program can take many paths. As I make my initial assessment of[…]

Decision Making in Big Pharma vs. Small Pharma

On many occasions, I have the opportunity to speak with leaders at small pharmaceutical and biotech companies. They always say, “We don’t operate like big pharma” or “I’m not interested in hearing the best practices from big pharma.” As a younger and less experienced leader from big pharma, I couldn’t fathom what they meant by[…]

Project Management Steps

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Biotech Needs a Project Manager

If you work at a biotech or small pharmaceutical company, you are under the microscope. You have investors waiting for the next bit of good news to raise confidence in your hard work. Your budget is limited because all funds are being used to accumulate that new data and generate the next press release. Your[…]

portfolio assessment

Laying the Foundation for Pharma Pipeline Decisions

It is well known that the days of Pharma thriving on blockbuster drugs are long gone. The drug development process is lengthy – currently spanning 15 years. And drugs on the market are coming off patent with few drugs to replace the significant revenue loss. As a result, measures to cut costs or just control[…]

Resource Management: Less Complex Algorithms – More Meaningful Insights Part II

In part one of this blog, I told you how tired our client was of talking about algorithms. The frustration stemmed from the fact that algorithms should perfectly predict resource needs. But difficulty pinpointing the correct factor or two, office politics, and using overly complex algorithms get in the way of accurate predictions. Our client was much[…]

Resource Management: Less Complex Algorithms – More Meaningful Insights Part I

I had coffee with one of our resource capacity planning clients last Tuesday. He candidly admitted to me that he was sick of talking about algorithms.  I immediately understood his frustration and agreed.  Let me explain why. You’d likely agree with me if I said efficiency is important when it comes to process design and customer-focused[…]

What is Digital Medicine?

Digital technology has gradually become embedded in the practice of medicine over the last 50 years. Walk into any hospital and digital technology is pervasive, everything is wired. Most of these wired technologies address standard patient care concerns such as patient records, patient monitoring (heart monitors, blood pressure, and others.) The typical hospital room looks[…]

Digital Medicine: Is there an App for Motivation?

In my last blog post, I talked about the 3 biggest barriers for Pharma entering into digital medicine.  I hesitated to include what might potentially be the biggest barrier to digital medicine improving health outcomes:  health engagement and the motivation to activate it. It’s a barrier which vexes the population at large — not to mention, me[…]