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Who We Are

The people you want to work with.

We don’t just get things done, we have a good time along the way. Pharmica Project Managers are incredibly…normal. We relate. We’ll leave you with great results and great stories too.


Since 2005, our project managers have been on the front lines of every aspect of the BioPharma industry’s changes. We know how to best manage your most important projects and also provide the BioPharma subject matter expertise that will help you get the best results.


Pharmica Project Managers are also seasoned pharma professionals with the subject matter expertise you need, so you know every PM will fit with your organization and every engagement will lead to consistent, reliable results. Pharmica Project Managers have the focus and flexibility to bring great ideas from the back of the napkin to the forefront of your organization.

About Us

Your projects are critical to your success.

You need a world-class project manager to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Pharmica understands that there are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to finding the right project manager for your needs.

In the increasingly competitive pharma industry, having a solid project manager isn’t always enough. Not only do you need the skills of a veteran PM, but also the experience and expertise of an industry expert. And since you’re going to be working side by side, you need someone who is easy to get along with. Pharmica PMs combine the project management capabilities, the subject matter expertise, and the friendly personality that will make sure both you and your project are well taken care of.

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Our Team

Meet our team of personable, friendly project managers – real problem solvers with the industry expertise to get things done.



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