Pharmica’s Risk-Based Monitoring Conference for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Network with industry colleagues and learn the tangible benefits from implementing risk-based monitoring at Pharmica’s annual Risk-Based Monitoring Conference.

April 28th – Conshohocken, PA


Pharmica’s Outsourcing, Functional Sourcing, Have We Gone Too Far? Forum

Outsourcing continues to grow at a record pace yet many of us still struggle with effectively outsourcing our work and clinical trials. Join Pharmica and industry members as we learn from each other on outsourcing best practices.

April 28th – Conshohocken, PA


BioPharma Project Management 2020 Roundtable

There is no doubt that program managers play a critical role in the drug development process. With so much to know and learn, Pharmica is hosting a forum specifically designed for program manager to network and learn the latest in drug development.

April 30th – Doylestown, PA


Pharmica’s Clinical Trial Transparency Forum

As a new initiative in the pharma industry, there are many unanswered questions about Clinical Trial Transparency. Join Pharmica Consulting and industry partners in an open forum to discuss approaches for regulatory compliance, disclosure requirements and reporting patient data for Clinical Trial Transparency.

May 5th – Cambridge, MA


Pharmica’s New CTMS Paradigm

Clinical trial management systems stopped evolving more than a decade ago. As the pharmaceutical industry reaches a critical state and technology advances, users are demanding more from their CTMSs. There now exists a tremendous gap between what these systems can do and what users need them to do. Join your colleagues to discuss the industry needs for a new CTMS paradigm – and be a part of shaping the future of these systems.

July 22nd – Boston, MA


Pharmica’s SharePoint Conference

SharePoint. At this point most of us use it or are planning to use it. Yet many of us struggle with the best way to use SharePoint from a business perspective. Join Pharmica and industry colleagues as we discuss how SharePoint can be applied in the pharma industry.

October 1st – San Francisco, CA


Pharmica’s Visualization Tools Conference

Visualizations tools have helped to revolutionize the way we are viewing data and making decisions. Whether you are using Tableau, Spotfire, QlikView or Power BI, pharma colleagues have many questions about the tools, data, governance, executive buy-in, etc. Join Pharmica and industry colleagues for this timely open forum.

October 1st – San Francisco, CA


Pharmica’s Master Data Management Conference

With the increased demand to use data for more complex decisions, pharma companies have turned to master data management. However, with the complexity of mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing, and organic growth of pharma companies, master data management is incredibly complicated. Join industry colleagues to discuss their success and lessons learned in master data management.

November 2015 – TBD