Streamlining Life Sciences

At PHARMICA, we understand everyone wants to do more with less.  We help you get there.  Pharmica’s experience brings you the benefits of its broad industry knowledge — but our solutions are uniquely tuned to your environment and the outcomes you’re focused on.

We are not “those” consultants

Our clients have said we deliver with a handful of people what the “big guys” need a dozen consultants to do. Life sciences people choose Pharmica because they need it done quickly and done right.   We focus on execution and delivery — not on slideware and talk.

We deliver results —— and have a good time along the way

At PHARMICA, we believe  a great culture drives great results.  Our people are incredibly…normal.  When the work gets tough or uncertainty strikes your project we will be focused on moving things forward — and we’ll leave you with great results and great stories.  Arrogance need not apply.

We are problem solvers

At PHARMICA, we specialize in figuring things out.   Challenges don’t come with directions — and every client’s challenges are unique.  Our clients keep coming back to us because we look for the best solution – not just the easy way out.

Trusted Partners

At PHARMICA, our clients count on us to be flexible and independent — and to understand that simply delivering on time and on budget isn’t enough to guarantee success.  We bring our dedication and deep industry experience to every engagement — so you can focus on decisions, not details.

Bringing technology & process back together

At PHARMICA, we believe process and technology are inseparable when it comes to delivering business results.   Whether you are looking to outsource IT, build a technology strategy, or use data to help make better business decisions, PHARMICA can make sure technology works for you — and not the other way around.